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1Janus WebRTC Server
2A 1/48 scale model of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket
3Image Scrubber: tool for anonymizing photographs taken at protests
4Pinebook Pro, First Impressions
5Basic Intro to Elliptic Curve Cryptography (2019)
6Notes on Distributed Systems for Young Bloods (2013)
7Autism severity can change substantially during early childhood, study suggests
8Crew Dragon Docks with ISS
9Show HN: Print a WiFi Login Card
10Liquid Cities: Japanese architecture and science fiction
11Accretor Cellular Automata
12UK government MPs are using Signal’s automatic deletion feature
13Featherweight Go
14Chemical analysis and origin of the smell of line-dried laundry
15Measuring keyboard-to-photon latency with a light sensor
16Reliving the Dial-Up Experience in 2020
17The rise of React
18Xfce switches to GitLab
19Personal income in the US shot up a record 10.5% in April
20Sonder: E-Ink Keyboard
21Vibe: Video Human Pose Estimation
22Rootless Containers
23SpaceX successfully launches two humans into orbit
24What computer and software is used by the Falcon 9? (2015)
25Tone of Voice Guide
26New coronavirus losing potency, top Italian doctor says
27MinIO Event Notification with Apache Nifi
28Show HN: Findyour.blog – Get your blog rated and reviewed by authors/readers
29In marginal decisions, favour action over inaction