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1Vertigo – a public domain 3D flight simulator (2003)
2The German front in rare color photos, 1914-1918
3Fire your bad customers
4Stopping deepfake news with an AI algorithm that can tell when a face doesnt fit
5Twitter x TikTok = Twiktwok
6Firefox Voice
7UPI: India's Unified Payments Interface
8Validating Kubernetes YAML for best practice and policies
9Overriding C++ virtual functions at run time
10Why the U.S. government is allowing bears, wolves to be hunted in their dens
11Typing Is Hard
12Real Time Machine Learning (2019) [pdf]
13Rome: A Linter for JavaScript and TypeScript
14Low-cost measurement of facemask efficacy for filtering expelled droplets
15C.I.A. Lacing (2014)
16Aesthetics and the Human Factor in Programming (1972)
17SpaceX and ULA win billions in Pentagon rocket contracts
18Show HN: Relinx – new kind of Asset tracking – CMDB
19There’s no such thing as a tech expert anymore
20Show HN: Create diagrams stitching images on a grid using HCL (like Terraform)
21The Multifarious Mr Banks: The Natural Historian Who Shaped the World
22Interviewing Chandrayaan 1’s Mission Director on India’s role in the Moon race
23The Challenges and Delights of Photographing the Night Sky
24Apple takes legal action against small company with pear logo
25Wheat yield potential in controlled-environment vertical farms
26Water beetles that survive being swallowed by frogs
27What I Learned from the Worst Novelist in the English Language
28Former VW Executive Is Arrested in Croatia in Emissions Case