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1We Wasted $50K on Google Ads So You Don't Have To
2Haskell Problems for a New Decade
3Goldman to Refuse IPOs If All Directors Are White, Straight Men
4More nurturing reading environment may stimulate brain development in children
5Who wants to play the status game?
6Yes Silver Bullet (2019)
7Google Cloud’s Secret Manager
8US Department of Justice Argues Assange Has No First Amendment Rights
9Rolls-Royce plans mini nuclear reactors by 2029
10Wikipedia now has more than 6M articles in English
11China building 1k-bed hospital over the weekend to treat coronavirus
12Hundreds of surveillance experiments along the U.S.-Mexico border
13Building a walkie-talkie for remote work
14Tech’s Next Revolution Might Be Open Source Semiconductors
15A BNF Parser in Forth (1992)
16Testable theory suggests information has mass
17Banning facial recognition is missing the point
18Pantone 448 C
19What does “execution dependent” mean? (2009)
20Y Combinator Is Hosting a Career Expo in Los Angeles on March 7th
21The Car Bundle
22Precision Opportunities for Demanded Bits in LLVM
23Discovering Millions of Datasets on the Web
2423andMe lays off 100 people as DNA test sales decline
25Procrastination is about managing emotions, not time
26The Automated Dungeon Master
27Battle of the bulges: Have astronomers been wrong about spiral galaxies? (2019)
28The Sounds of New York City, Circa 1920 (2013)
29All Sonos products will continue to work past May
30NOAA Satellites Helped Save a Record 421 Lives in 2019