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1The Lesson to Unlearn
2The rise and fall of the PlayStation supercomputers
3Great White Sharks Are Terrified of Orcas
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7Psychological Constellations Assessed at Age 13 Predict Success 35 Years Later
8The Product-Minded Software Engineer
9Rust implementations of abstract algebraic structures
10Indexing Billions of Text Vectors
11Google management shuffle points to retreat from Alphabet experiment
12Why smallpox is no more, but polio and other diseases persist
13FDA Approving Drugs at Breakneck Speed, Raising Alarm
14Google Cloud Is Having IO Issues in US-EAST1
15Thomas Edison’s brilliant life, told in reverse
16FOSS Zombies
17Bloomberg Beta Investment Documents
18Brain tunes itself to criticality, maximizing information processing
19MIT's Building 20: “The Magical Incubator” (1998)
20French Strike Aims to Save an Envied, but Convoluted, Approach to Pensions
21Understanding “Deep Double Descent”
22Robots in Finance Could Wipe Out Some of Its Highest-Paying Jobs
23PracticalAI 2.0: A New Platform to Learn ML Using Python, Keras and Tensorflow
24Connectome analysis of adult mammalian lungs may enable new lung bioengineering
25New Features in ES2019
26Tensorflow User Experience
27The Social Subsidy of Angel Investing
28If the universe is 13.8B years old, how can we see 46B light years away? (2018)
29What Is Systems Programming, Really? (2018)
30Condors or Lead Ammunition (2015)