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1Boeing Pilot Warned of ‘Egregious’ Issue with 737 Max in 2016
2Coffee Is Hard
3Scientists create device that cuts desalination costs by 90%
4My Favourite Git Commit
5Faster Layouts with CSS Grid (and Subgrid)
6Microsoft’s visual data explorer SandDance open sourced
7We Need to Design Health Care Reform That Puts Patients Before Profits
8Boeing 2016 internal messages suggest employees may have misled FAA on 737 MAX
9Email marketing regulations around the world
10What nobody tells you about documentation
11Mark Hurd Has Died
12Mozilla's initiative to help teach machines how real people speak
13Rules for Developing Safety Critical Code [pdf]
14Jerry (YC S17) Is Hiring Software Developers (Toronto, Canada)
15Highlights from “The Checklist Manifesto” by Atul Gawande
16Really Fixing Getrandom()
17Imgur Discontinuing Support for NSFW Reddit Subsections
18AI Detects Heart Failure from One Heartbeat: Study
19Why do we write dedications in books?
20Facebook and Speech: It’s All About Power
21Dietlibc – a Libc optimized for small size
22Options for Saving Yahoo Groups Content
23Detecting and Geolocating Jammers and Spoofers
24Mac Pro Puts the Pedal to Metal in Apple's Race with Nvidia
25Comparison of X Window Managers
26Show HN: Change Python code while it's running using a reloading loop
27FAA says Boeing withheld ‘concerning’ messages about the 737 Max
28The Exquisite Precision of Time Crystals
29We moved our servers to Iceland
30Microchip Adds RISC-V Cores to PolarFire FPGAs